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Startup Stuff | Why your MVP is your MVP

Gepost op 14/04/2018
Startup Stuff | Why your MVP is your MVP

Depending on your crew, MVP might have a different meaning. Startup world’s Minimum Viable Product vs. Ballers world’s Most Valuable Player.

After having thought of this while I was boarding my plane (add some travel swag here), I basically came to this analogy that a team’s Most Valuable Player aligns well with a startup’s Minimum Viable Product. It’s the unit that will or won’t set you apart, it’s what is going to get you wows or woos, it’s the first (more or less) structured materialization of your concept. In other words, there’s enough at stake to make your V0.1 a real thing.

So what?

I’m not gonna tell you how to build your MVP. Just because. What I am going to share though are a number of GaaS (Growth as a Service) tools that should help you in getting your MVP (not LeBron) out there as quickly as possible.

I do believe quality and speed can go hand in hand. Basically, because speed is an indication of quality in growth 🤘.


This awesome customer journey tool helps you in better understanding and visualizing your product flow. Building products from onboarding to signing off should happen not only customer centric but customer first. Autopilot lets you build customer journeys for all kind of digital products and for a plethora of different phases in the product and user lifecycle. A cool addition is the educational aspect of Autopilot. You learn how to use the tool by actually using it…


A second MVP tool I can strongly recommend is Balsamiq. This cloud-based tool lets you build sketches and prototypes at the speed of light. It’s a good addition to Autopilot as well. Once you built a process, Balsamiq will help you in turning this raw process flow into something visually attractive. An alternative to Balsamiq is Proto. The cool thing about Balsamiq, however, is that it lets you sketch and prototype.


A third lovechild is called Trello. You could look at Trello as an extremely user-friendly and collaboration-oriented piece of soft to get stuff done. Both Autopilot and Balsamiq will generate workload, Trello will help you in prioritizing, delegating and keeping track on what needs to be done and who needs to do what. Without Trello we would be absolutely lost :).

Do you use other tools to plot your growth during the early days?


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