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Sharing and finding expertise is crucial for startup success | Here’s why

Gepost op 14/05/2018
Sharing and finding expertise is crucial for startup success | Here’s why

Every single person on the planet knows WHAT they do. Only some people know HOW they do WHAT they do. But very few people know WHY they do WHAT they do” (Sinek, 2009).

This great quote from the Book ‘Start With Why’ exactly entails why sharing expertise is one of the most crucial parts in facilitating a person’s learning experience and personal development. We all need people who challenge our ideas, provide us with knowledgeable insights and guide us through our personal and professional parcours. Having the right network and the right people around has proven very beneficial for quite some well-known leaders in our society today.

Mark Zuckerberg benefited tremendously from having Paul Graham as an expert, Kevin Systrom had Adam D’Angelo as a sounding board and Ben Horowitz was coached by Bill Campbell on a regular basis. This shows that the power of the network has a huge effect on the long-term success of people.

Looking for expertise

The hard thing about the above is finding the right people to be that sounding board. Not everyone is skilled in the topics that matter most to you. Having the right people to support you in overcoming a challenge, find new possibilities or come up with new ideas is crucial if you want to take the next step and further your own development.

People looking for expert advice often have to deal with the limited size of their own physical network. Not everyone has an expert for everything on their speed dial. The million Dollar question enforcing itself, in this case, is ‘where’ to look for the right experts? Moreover, how can you find the ones able to help and support you?

Sharing expertise

For experts, it’s definitely a challenge as well to get in touch with people who are highly coachable. The value of sharing expertise and supporting people with potential challenges they face is significantly higher when they have an open, curious mindset and a coachable personality.

For experts, it’s important to share their knowledge with others. The value of the wisdom they gained multiplies by sharing it, so it’s very natural to look for the right people to share this expertise with. In the best case, those who gained a lot by having the right experts around will evolve into an expert position themselves one day.

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