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Onsophic CX | multi-faceted customer experience solution

Gepost op 13/11/2018
Onsophic CX | multi-faceted customer experience solution

Today, customers have a lot more power than ever before. Thanks to a digitized world, customers are already well-informed regarding what organizations have to offer, even before salespeople approach them.  Companies nowadays also operate in an increasingly competitive world with an overload of similar products and services. These reasons have led to a challenge for every single organization: “How can I really differentiate myself from my competitors?”

Over the last couple of years, a lot of companies started focusing and investing in Customer Experience (CX) believing it would provide the answer to the question stated above. Guess what? They were right: studies from Forrester have shown that companies who claim to actively invest in Customer Experience are performing way better than companies who aren’t.

Onsophic CX

CX has definitely proven to be a real competitive differentiator, something Tom Pennings (CEO of Onsophic) has also noticed. That’s why during the annual Forrester CX Europe event (that took place November 13-14 in London this year) his company announced that they are releasing Onsophic CX, their new Customer Experience Management solution.

Onsophic CX accelerates human performance by enabling real-time, personalized guidance for enterprise teams. This will ultimately lead to improved customer retention, greater customer advocacy, and consistent customer experiences. What makes the company really stand out from other CX-focused solution is that actions can easily be taken on the insights you gather as a company. This means companies can be way more proactive with their approach towards delivering great customer experiences. This is something unique in an industry that already has a plethora of solutions on offer.

Data has always been at the core of the company and that doesn’t change with Onsophic CX. Still central to the system is a data analytics engine that bridges an organization’s knowledge resources and workplace performance metrics to systematically deliver insights, alerts, and recommendations to all levels of management.

This means that the original solution of Onsophic – which helps organizations boost the skills, talent, and outputs of their workforce by correlating learning moments with on-the-job performance – can be augmented by the newest CX-focused product without any problem.

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in finding out more about Onsophic’s new customer experience solution and all the possibilities their solution has to offer, check out

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