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Free inflight WiFi galore

Gepost op 03/03/2018
Free inflight WiFi galore

“You’re taking an airplane like I’m taking my car.” As commonly heard by hip young urban kids on a mission to explore the world. Nothing wrong with learning a little about what’s going on around you right? Right!

However, us millennials are suffering from the always-on syndrome. The thought alone of being disconnected during multiple hours sends the negative kind of shivers down our spines.

So how can we AND cross the Atlantic AND stay connected WITHOUT having to spend our hard made Bucks on Maslov basics such as WiFi. Well, seek no further, this one is going to be right up your alley!

No Euro for Inflight GoGo

If you’re a travel aficionado, the company Gogo should ring a bell! This well-known provider of inflight WiFi is killing it right now as the main provider of word wide web goodiness on national and international flights.

But dang, paying 60 Bucks a month to secure your airborne connectivity isn’t necessarily turning our no connection frown upside down. Luckily there’s a hack for that ;). Follow these simple steps to be always on during Gogoair flights without having to swipe your plastic!

  1. Connect to the Gogo inflight WiFi network
  2. Look for the link that allows you to download the airline app (click on it)
  3. Once redirected to the App store to download the app, you’re basically online without any limits (for 15 min or more)
  4. Close the App store and open your browser
  5. Success, you should be riding the www waves (if not, sorry)

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